Our Approach

Situation Analysis On-Site

Depending on the brief a short diagnostic phase is often required to assess a client’s needs and outline a benefits case for the implementation of the new or improved process. This stage helps to clarify what will be achieved, when and how.

Tailoring of Processes to Meet Client’s Specific Needs.

Clients can leverage the experience of Advance Consulting, including the models, approaches and processes developed through years of experience and with best practice inputs from premier business colleges. Slight tailoring and adjustment will be required to suit the client’s needs and industry.

Coaching/Mentoring of Key Individuals

Sometimes one on one coaching and mentoring may be needed to bring managers up the learning curve. This can be provided and tailored to meet client’s needs.

Facilitation of Working Sessions

Achieving buy-in and support is essential for the success of any new initiative. It is best achieved when those responsible for the processes and/or strategies are involved in their definition and implementation. Facilitation to fine-tune and detail strategies and processes is usually required.

Training Courses

Standard materials and/or tailored materials can be rolled out in training sessions to personnel.

Action Planning Sessions

Getting clear ownership, accountability and deadlines culminating in a comprehensive plan for implementation.