Executive Coaching & Behaviour Management

Understanding a company’s culture, building high performance teams and developing the leadership qualities necessary in a senior management team is critical to a company’s success

The best strategies in the world have often failed due to weak leadership. Advance Consulting supports companies in developing these qualities and offers services in the following areas:

CEO and Management Coaching

Building the leadership qualities of a CEO and his/her management team is possibly even more important than formulating the right strategies for the business. Advance Consulting assists CEO’s and Management Team Members through coaching techniques using various psychometric tools such as 360 degree feedback , 16PF and Emotional Intelligence assessments. Through an appropriate selection of these tools clients are challenged to formulate Leadership Action Plans addressing areas for consolidation and improvement.

Performance Management Systems

Once a company’s Vision, Goals and Strategies have been formulated it is critical to get the organisation aligned to this new direction. Communication will be essential as will the Leadership Team’s persistency, consistency and insistency. A Performance Management System will help align every individual in the company to the goals and objectives of the business. This is a critical ingredient for successful strategy implementation.

Psychometric Testing

Eoin Gilley is certified by the British Psychological Society in Occupational, Ability and Personality testing.

High Performance Teams

Teamwork at senior management level and also throughout the organisation is an essential ingredient for success. To get to the stage of “high performance”, teams need to have a common or shared vision and set of objectives. They also need to have strong relationships and be willing to challenge each other without taking it personally or fear of retribution. Clarity of each team member’s role and responsibilities is needed and open, honest communications throughout the team and organisation is essential.
Advance Consulting has worked with a number of management teams to improve their team performance and to help them develop better ways of working together. The Jung Type Indicator and 16PF personality test are tools sometimes used to help work through this process.


“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” – a Peter Drucker quotation we’re not sure we fully agree with but the sentiment is clear and compelling. Without an aligned and appropriate culture, change initiatives and new strategic plans will be doomed to failure. Understanding your culture is the first step in improving it and working through this alignment process. Advance Consulting can arrange suitable culture surveys and de-briefing sessions to address the culture issues arising. You will be able to compare your company culture with best-in-class companies on twelve key indices of culture and leadership. From this we can help you formulate improvement plans to address the weaker areas uncovered.