Lean & Major Change Initiatives

Advance Consulting is an approved provider of Lean Programmes supported by Enterprise Ireland (LeanStart ; LeanPlus ; LeanTransform)

Lean principles can be applied to your complete business to improve both your top-line and bottom-line. It challenges you to focus efforts, remove waste and align activities towards your goals.

Change Management

Change programmes may be required in order to implement new practices and improve operational efficiencies. These programmes may be driven by the need for improvement, restructuring, re-strategising, or as a result of a merger or acquisition – but all involve major change throughout the organisation and if badly managed can have catastrophic effects. In change, pain is inevitable but a significant amount of anxiety and anguish is avoidable. Advance Consulting can assist clients undergoing major change initiatives.

  • Lean Programmes
  • Managing Major Change
  • Restructuring