Business Process Design & Performance Management

Advance Consulting helps companies improve the performance of their businesses

This often starts with challenging the Vision, Goals and Strategies of the business reenergising momentum for a new direction forward. Then assistance can be provided to support the rigorous implementation and fine-tuning of the business processes supporting this new direction.

The following areas are indicative of the support provided:

Strategy Development

Advance Consulting has assisted many companies in the formulation of their Vision, Goals and Strategies for growth. Using best practice thinking from premier business schools Advance Consulting has developed a methodology and toolset which has proved to work very effectively. The outline approach will typically cover the following at a minimum:

Macro and Industry environment analysis; Competitive landscape
Identification of possible opportunities for Company/Division development and growth
Review of business models and possible routes to market
Internal assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses
Development and assessment of Strategic Alternatives
Strategic Recommendations and Implementation

Business Development

Advance Consulting has significant experience in developing and managing sales channels. Dealing with a demanding customer base can be challenging and needs careful management and control. Selecting and developing the right partners to assist route to market is also key. Advance Consulting can provide consulting support in the following Business Development related areas:

  • Business to Business Selling techniques
  • Selecting and managing a Distributor or Dealer Network
  • Sales Management systems and processes
  • Value Propositions and Sales Presentations
  • Aligning Sales Incentive Schemes
  • Product Lifecycle Management

New Product Development

Being first to market with a differentiated offering is often the difference between winners and losers in today’s marketplace. This means selecting and developing the right products in as short a time as possible.

Lean and Major Change Initiatives

Advance Consulting is an approved provider of Lean Programmes supported by Enterprise Ireland (LeanStart ; LeanPlus ; LeanTransform). Lean principles can be applied to your complete business to improve both your top-line and bottom-line. It challenges you to focus efforts, remove waste and align activities towards your goals.